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- universal heavy duty cleaning agent for the food industry

It is important to keep a watchful eye on cleaning procedures within food production so as to avoid problems with bacterial contamination in the end product. When disinfecting surfaces on machines and building components, they must be absolutely clean and smooth.

SAPO-ACIDIC pH 0.5 cleans and descales at the same time, leaving surfaces clean, smooth, and ready for disinfecting.

Many food processing companies that clean on a daily basis with a basic cleaning agent such as SUPER-2 ALKA from SAPOLUX also use the acidic SAPO-ACIDIC pH 0.5 as an alternative solution. Switching between SUPER-2 ALKA and SAPO-ACIDIC pH 0.5 helps prevent the development of resistant strains of bacteria.

The product is recommended for the following:

  • Floors and walls in production facilities
  • Machines and machine parts
  • For use in foam units
  • For removal of running rust stains

NB: Produces poisonous gas when mixed with agents containing chlorine

Use: Combine 1 part SAPO-ACIDIC pH 0.5 with 10 parts water.
Apply with brush, sponge, or sprayer. Contact time: 10-15 min., then rinse thoroughly with water.

Storage: Properly sealed in original container. Non-freezing. Keep out of reach of children.

SAPO SUR pH 0.5 comes in 1 L, 10 L, 20 L, 210 L, and 1000 L containers.

Download safety data sheet for SAPO-ACIDIC pH 0.5

Other data: Safety Data Sheet. Get more information from the cleaning experts at SAPOLUX, who are also glad to discuss new ranges of use for SAPO-ACIDIC pH 0.5