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- the multipurpose cleaning agent

SUPER 1 ALKA is a heavy duty cleaning agent made for all-around use in many different industries, and with its broad spectrum of usage, it can replace a number of other cleaning agents.

SUPER 1 ALKA is a strong alkaline solution that easily removes grease, proteins, soot, oil and other grime from surfaces.

The product is recommended for the following:

  • Everyday cleaning of tiled floors, concrete floors, and synthetic floors
  • Production facilities that need to control bacteria flora SUPER 1 ALKA kills strains of salmonella and listeria
  • Heavy duty cleaning of painted surfaces without damaging the paint
  • Pressure washing industrial vehicles, both bodywork and frame
  • Cleaning sooted items and buildings after fires
  • Washing down oiled and greased machine parts
  • Soaking agent for heavily soiled work clothes

Use: Combine 1 part SUPER 1 ALKA with
10-20 parts water. Apply with brush, sponge, or sprayer. Contact time: 10-15 min., then rinse thoroughly with water.
Storage: Properly sealed in original container. Non-freezing. Keep out of reach of children.

SUPER 1 ALKA comes in 1 L, 10 L, 20 L, 210 L, and 1000 L containers.

Download safety data sheet for SUPER 1 ALKA

As SUPER 1 ALKA is a very powerful cleaning agent, it is important to follow the recommended concentrations carefully. Other data: Safety Data Sheet. SUPER 2 ALKA is made specifically for use on food contact surfaces and is approved by the Danish State Veterinary Service. Get more information from the cleaning experts at SAPOLUX, who are also glad to discuss new ranges of use for SUPER 1 ALKA