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Rush wash

- effective on running rust stains on plastic, metal, fiberglass, and painted surfaces

Outdoor surfaces are often marred by running rust stains. Rust rarely poses any real threat of corrosion for bed material, but it gives off the impression of poor maintenance.
Surfaces discolored by rust such as metal, fiberglass, and plastic, as well as painted surfaces, can be treated with RUST SOLVENT, which will leave them looking as though they were freshly painted.

The product is recommended for the following:

  • Removal of running rust stains from metal, fiberglass, and plastic surfaces
  • Heavily tarnished copper items

Washing down painted surfaces with RUST WASH provides for a better adhesive surface for new paint jobs.
For surfaces that are severely corroded by rust, we recommend the even more powerful RUST SOLVENT from SAPOLUX.
Galvanized materials and nylon cannot withstand RUST WASH, and the agent must not come in contact with agents containing chlorine as this can produce poisonous gas.

Use: Use undiluted, or diluted with water as needed. Spread or spray RUST WASH onto the area. Wait for a moment. Then rinse with water.

Storage: Properly sealed in original container. Non-freezing. Locked away and out of reach of children.

RUST WASH comes in 1L, 10 L, 20 L, 210 L, and 1000 L containers.

Download safety data sheet for RUST WASH

Other data: Safety Data Sheet. Get more information from the cleaning experts at SAPOLUX, who are also glad to discuss new ranges of use for RUST WASH

Example of just how effective RUST WASH is—the results speak for themselves...